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About Us

At Sinclaire, we draw inspiration from the modern, multifaceted woman — someone who is bold, ambitious, and unapologetically herself. Our vision is to be more than a fashion brand; we aspire to be a catalyst for confidence, empowering women to confident and bold in a suit that suits them.

Empower Your Style, Tailor Your Confidence

Our Story

Founded on the belief that every woman deserves to feel empowered and self-assured in what she wears, Sinclaire was born out of a desire to create versatile, dynamic suits that stand out and suit women's body, style, and lifestyle. Our journey begins with a passionate founder who invested in this idea and overall brand. 

More than just a fashion brand, Sinclaire encourages women to express their unique, personal style as a means of self-empowerment. We believe that the right clothing, tailored to individual tastes, has the power to boost confidence and make a statement.

Press and News


Watch and hear about Sinclaire's founding story and early business challenges.  


Jaida Fonfield

Founder & CEO

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