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Jaida Fonfield

 Founder & CEO

With an entrepreneurial inspiration from her grandmother as an adolescent, Jaida aspired to become an entrepreneur herself in her future. In 2017 she was enamored by a woman wearing a beautiful hot pink pantsuit on an award show and felt her confidence translate through the screen. This is where her admiration for women’s suiting began, but soon after she struggled with finding a suit where she could exude that same boldness and confidence later birthing Sinclaire. On November 23, 2018 Sinclaire was born with a mission to empower women to feel confident, and bold while wearing a suit.  

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The message that Sinclaire promotes is for individuals to be their best selves. We believe that everyone especially women must recognize their power and go after what their hearts desire unapologetically. Sinclaire is more than just clothes. It is about how the brand and apparel is meant to make people feel. The versatile suit is a representation of the limitlessness of our clothing and the individuals who wear it.

Sinclaire's overall goal is to empower, inspire, uplift, and motivate.


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 Sinclaire's CEO, Jaida Sinclaire.

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2x Semi Finalist

Draper Competition at Smith College

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 about the inspiration of Sinclaire.

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 about Jaida's struggles building a brand while in college.

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