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Founding Sinclaire

Jaida Fonfield, Founder and CEO, details her entrepreneurial journey building Sinclaire.

It started with a desire to have a suit that was bold, but also made me feel confident. I loved suits because they were so versatile, yet I could not find anything other than boring, dull, or boxy suits. So I took upon myself to do something that many are too afraid to do and start building a business.

“Sinclaire is more than the clothes. It is about how it makes people feel.”

The easiest part about this was having the idea, but soon enough I would learn that I was embarking on a never ending journey. I spent many hours researching and connecting with people to learn how to start a business. There were plenty of errors along the way, but I learned so much from my failures early on.

In this interview below you will hear about my initial vision for Sinclaire and the business challenges I experienced.

Interview with Jaida Fonfield about Founding Sinclaire

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