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WMB Feature of the Week - Ashley Olafsen

Ashley is a 3x founder and is currently a Startup Coach at IFundWomen.

We Mean Business highlights the everyday women trailblazers that are making it happen for themselves and within their communities. These women who are showing up and taking action! Our intention is to uplift the saying “empowered women, empower women” by giving them a platform to share their stories and pass along wisdom.


Ashley Olafsen is a Massachusetts local! She grew up in Hopkinton MA, then moved to Amherst for college (Go UMass!) and now lives in Brookline - just outside of Boston. She's a 3x small business founder, coffee drinker, and supportive friend + hype woman.

Your energy is magic - protect it!


She is currently a Startup Coach at IFundWomen, the go-to funding marketplace for WOB and the people who want to support them. She coaches women founders on pitch honing, marketing, goal setting, website design, and much more. Ashley is a 3x founder and started my first business, where she gave workshops and summer programs for teenage girls on self-esteem and leadership.


Your energy is magic - protect it! This is something I have been thinking about a lot lately, and am really working on.

Stay connected with Ashley Olafsen | @ashleyolafsen

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