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WMB Feature of the Week - Katrina Rojas

Katrina Rojas is a senior Journalism student with hopes of starting my own luxury handbag brand.

We Mean Business highlights the everyday women trailblazers that are making it happen for themselves and within their communities. These women who are showing up and taking action! Our intention is to uplift the saying “empowered women, empower women” by giving them a platform to share their stories and pass along wisdom.


Katrina Rojas is a senior Journalism student at UMass Amherst with hopes of starting my own luxury handbag brand. While she was born and raised in Boston, MA, her family originates from the Dominican Republic. When her grandmother moved to Boston with her husband and kids, she opened her own Bridal shop with a limited amount of funds. Her work ethic and dedication have traveled through her aunts and uncles and developed within her.

"But, life happens and sometimes you have to seize an opportunity when presented with one. "

In 2022, she plans to officially launch LOTUS by KR, where they create high-end handbags for women who value a meaningful, intentional lifestyle. Their luxury handbags, engraved with poetic statements, will elevate your style and uplift your spirit. She is passionate about alignment, believe in freedom of self-expression, and is committed to slow fashion sustainable practices. Her brand motto is: Evoke strength in vulnerability with your LOTUS by KR handbag.


As a young girl, she always knew she would grow up to be a fashionista. She used to spend time helping her Abuelita in her bridal shop, participated in numerous fashion shows, and attempted to make her own clothes with her first mini sewing kit. As a meticulous and dedicated shopper, she understands the fashion plane field and have always sought to express herself through the garments and accessories she wears. As a creative (poet, photographer, writer), she is constantly looking for luxury items that align with her style and way of thinking, but she doesn't always find exactly what she is looking for. She has noticed that the intersection between poetry and fashion stops at cheap, fast fashion items. She is so passionate and determined to bridge the gap between poetry and luxury fashion starting with LOTUS by KR.

I am currently in the process of designing, sampling textiles, and creating my dream bag. It has taken me about a year to really solidify my idea and find the right people to support me through this journey. Before the pandemic, I would have never focused on my dream because I was too stuck on what I felt that I needed to do which is to go to school and graduate. But, life happens and sometimes you have to seize an opportunity when presented with one.


My advice to anyone with hopes of starting their own business is to simply START. Start thinking, drafting, and creating. Talk to people and establish a network of individuals that want to see you accomplish your goals, even if it is only two or three people.

Remember that as businesspeople, we have to prioritize and make sacrifices in order to be where we want to be in life. This doesn’t mean you have to be cutthroat and push away the most important things to you. This means that you have to manage these things better and surround yourself with people that are willing to understand your hustle and uplift you.

Stay connected with Katrina Rojas | @iamkatrinarojas | @katrinapoet on Instagram and Twitter

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